If a picture is worth a THOUSAND words than imagine the worth of the “picture”, the “photographs”, the “memories”, the “wildlife”, and the “exploration” of not only views but of the rush of a low-level scenery from the height of a helicopter overlooking Block Island and Westerly RI!
Charters, wildlife surveys, tours, photography, and even pilot instruction are available. Meet Matt, Founding Member of Heliblock Helicopters and Chief Pilot up close and personal. He is a man truly of sea, land, and and air!
Matt worked as a mate on a fishing boat and almost decided to live his life by sea and ocean as a captain when he ventured out to live his life on the mountains.
He moved to Utah to ski in 2011. It was there that his curiosity took over and he crossed the street to a local airport. He climbed in a demo flight of a helicopter and fell in love! He started his training and began to live by air.
He flew 30 hours in Utah before coming back to Connecticut to get certifications and trainings at Flight School in Ellington, Connecticut, Northeast Helicopters.
He truly turned into a “Top Gun” star when he was hired to be a flight instructor at Northeast Helicopters. After 2 years of teaching he decided to venture out on his passion and current business.
An epic anniversary of July 4th, 2016 he started his business of tours in Block Island and Flight Instruction. This developed into including Charter Flights. Matt enjoys Flying, Fishing, and Freedom!
Anybody can do a tour, starting at $100.
Take on a hobby or career with Flight School. It can take up to 3 months to earn a Private Pilot Certificate starting at $20,000.
Call them today at 401-859-1001 or visit their listing by click here for more information.