Westerly RI Hotels

Come to Westerly to enjoy the areas finest beaches, restaurants and shopping. We hope you love it so much you will want to stay. Enjoy one of Westerly’s many great hotels while your here. Westerly RI hotels are affordable and close to everywhere you want to be. Westerly offers hotels from Inns and motels, to world class resorts.

Stay at one of the many beach hotels or stay closer to the highway, Westerly is full of accommodations for you to enjoy your stay. Westerly is also home to one of the highest rated hotels in the country, The Ocean House. The Ocean House has something for everyone and is a world class resort that is ranked by some of the most prestigious publications.

Whether you are planning a family getaway or a romantic getaway, visit Westerly RI and enjoy our beaches, restaurants and hotels. Westerly Rhode Island, where the beaches are just the beginning.